My life as a coder Week 1, Day 2

By: Dangermin Field

Today I embarked on a path that I’ve been seen in my horizon for years.  I started computer coding.  I’ve worked for over 18 years as an electronic technician and have always been curious about learning how to program the devices that used & repaired.

The last three years of my career I’ve been programming cellular and gps devices using a GUI interface and that is what really got me wanting to learn how to code in some computer language. So I signed up for a Origin Code Academy  where I’ll be working with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL, .Net, Version Control, APIs and learning how to work with a team of other coders.

Today was challenging, I had to create a site that calculated a entered value (weight) by a selected value (planet gravity) and output to the user.  It was simple enough but I learned the hard way that one simple letter/type-o can drive you batty.  If you like to see what I built here is the Github Link.

Time to rest for the day and get ready for tomorrows challenges.